tzadik hyperion john zorn plagiarism abstract avant-garde experimental outsider art by (b)ananartista  sbuff
“cool tzadik hyperion samba boring plagiarism cioccolatino 02” – mixed media on paper –
tzadik samba plagiarism abstract avant-garde art by (b)ananartista orgasmo sbuff
“cool tzadik hyperion samba boring plagiarism cioccolatino” – mixed media on paper – (b)ananartista 014

When I’m writing, sometimes it gets to that place where I feel like the piece is writing itself and I’m trying not to get in the way.
(John Zorn)
“There is a fullness and calmness there which can come only from knowing pain.”
(Dan Simmons, Hyperion)
I took inspiration from Andy Warhol‘s “Empire,” his “unwatchable” 24-hour film of the Empire State Building. Similarly, imagine a book that is written with the intention not to be read. The book as object: conceptual writing; we’re happy that the idea exists without ever having to open the book.”
The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more.”
Kenneth Goldsmith, Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age)



  1. Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter or Tumblr page, I would love to follow you… :))
    Thanks for the great art…… Trey


  2. Oh I haven’t seen that one, he did a version of the Tempest which is well worth seeing, also a film on Punk rock (loosely) called Jubilee X, but his film “Blue” is most like the Warhol film, I haven’t seen it for quite a while myself, but it was a similar circumstance in that allot of people told me it was unwatchable so when I saw it I was pleasantly surprised!

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  3. I have to confess I can’t remember which of the Warhol films I saw, there were some of the social gathering ones with interesting characters like Ultra Violet & others, and there were some of street scenes and something or other going on that touched me – I liked some of his early work, I don’t think he ever did anything I totally disliked, just the quantity of it and the focus on manufacturing that bored me, and the dreadful millionaires that follow him put me off!

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