PORTRAIT OF BARACK OBAMA (homo sapiens sapiens)

PORTRAIT OF BARACK OBAMA drawing painting and outsider figurative contemporary pop artwork by (b)ananartista sbuff © 2015 all rights reserved
mixed media on paper – © 2015 (b)ananartista

If you want to buy this artwork and show it to the president send me an email (to: info@bananartista.com) or comment below.
bye bye and thank you.

13 thoughts on “PORTRAIT OF BARACK OBAMA (homo sapiens sapiens)

  1. mi pare troppo bianco per essere Obama … o forse è solo spaventato dallo scoramento generale (che non è un militare)


  2. I see (in this painting) you’re on the verge of inventing the nose necktie. It will probably be as cool as the piano key necktie of the American 1980s… The “speed” of this style of painting is inviting to look at. – JM

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