26 thoughts on “Bigottismo mediatico dirimente

  1. – L’ISOLA CHE NON C’È –

    Qua sta.
    Rappresenta “Zione e la rullificazione dell’imbibibile.”
    Da oriente, l’Azzera mentosi (piang’ella): “Con induzionismo laconico mi arresi, né? Ohhhh – mi-re-si-re – ohhhh, lo feci… con esili Tà!”
    Dalle concrezioni medianiche emerge Nisida, con grettezza di superficie auto-segni-ficcante. Ed afasica.

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  2. I’m guessing what you are talking about. Here in the USA cancel culture pretty much is people who are mad they are being called out or held repsonsible for their hateful behavior and language.

    I tried to share political cartoons with someone last night, couldn’t do it as an image so I did a quick search and found a link to one cartoon that explains it.

    I gotta learn Italian…that is Italian you are speaking???

    People claim we are cancelling history and, no, we acknowledge the history but cancel the hate that was endemic at the time. We have freedom of speech but people forget we are accountable for what we say and others may not like what we say, especially when we are being hateful.


    So..you have cancel culture?


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