Henry David Thoreau

henry david thoreau: digital painting by (b)ananartista sbuff

“A man receives only what he is ready to receive, whether physically or intellectually or morally, as animals conceive at certain seasons their kind only. We hear and apprehend only what we already half know. If there is something which does not concern me, which is out of my line, which by experience or by genius my attention is not drawn to, however novel and remarkable it may be, if it is spoken, we hear it not, if it is written, we read it not, or if we read it, it does not detain us.”

Sussurro poetico esistenzialista

nutrie morte
spappolate sulla
strada provinciale.

un sole spento rosso
infuocato ci

i suoi deboli raggi
non possono disturbarci.
non ricordo l’ora
che fugge
nella foschia vibrano tenui sospesi
raggi d’eternità.


Ci sono poesie che restano larve,
senza tegumento e senza involucro,
nella loro seta immerse.

Ed ora ascolta queste parole con gli occhi della farfalla.