White Nights (a Sachertorte for Dostoevsky)

“White Nights – a Sachertorte for Dostoyevsky” – mixed media on Dostoyevsky novel – (b)ananartista 20014
“white nights” – mixed media on Carrefour BIO chocolate  – http://www.bananartista.com

Chocolate and Dostoevsky, for my dinner, Sachertorte for Fyodor, poor folk, poor idiot.
I’m a total idiot, I’m eating the essayst, I’m writing the cake, I’m your crime, I’m your jam,  I’m your dandy.
I have Nastenka in my blood, I’m the solid section, you are the dreamer, Fyodor is the land of loneliness, the cream of the human kind, the biologic hammer of love of vermins of seeds of  Plato’s Cave armpit .
“Oh gore of the bloody white night, transmigrate me in the jam tower of the Demons
Take me to the Irrational Man and kill the gothic fiction of the apricoat dandy”

And now read the short story: https://archive.org/details/whitenightsother00dostiala
And watch the film of Luchino Visconti: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwhTpLZnpYg