Buffalo Bill

buffalo bill : digital painting art by (b)ananartista sbuff

William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody (February 26, 1846 – January 10, 1917) was an American soldier, bison hunter, and showman.
Showman can have a variety of meanings, usually by context and depending on the country.
The root of the word “meaning” is “mean”, which is the way someone or something is conveyed, interpreted, or represented.
In botany and dendrology, a rhizome (/ˈrzm/, from Ancient Greekrhízōma “mass of roots”,[1] from rhizóō “cause to strike root”)[2] is a modified subterranean plant stem that sends out roots and shoots from its nodes.


POISON FOR THE DUKE HERZOG digital painting by (b)ananartista sbuff © 2015 all rights reserved
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sono le 6 e 30.
il nobile Duca con tono autoritario e inflessibile ordina ai suoi inservienti la solita colazione a base di uova e salame di cervo.
stizzito desgusta l’abbondante portata trovando da ridire praticamente su tutto.
non sa che alle sue spalle i cortigiani tramano una congiura e che
un potente veleno finirà presto nel suo stomaco.