TOPE 3 x 227 – Pereira Negativity Acne

TOPE 3 x 227 - Pereira Negativity Acne - original drawing collage (b)ananartista sbuff

Questo sbigottito nerd con gli occhiali vuole essere un accorato omaggio a quelli che da sempre sono i miei punti di riferimento culturale ed antropologico:
– i BTS (Bangtan Boys) nota boy band sudcoreana
– il regista austriaco Michael Haneke
– Thomas Doherti attore e cantante scozzese idolo delle teen e quindi anche mio
Sostiene Pereira lo psicologissimo romanzo di Antonio Tabucchi
– ed infine “Sister Ray” la canzone dei Velvet Underground di cui nel disegno ho citato alcune parole “time-time” e “ding-dong”

(L’acne non c’entra nulla).

redbubble (b)ananartista tope pereira negativity acne floor pillow cuscino shop drawing

redbubble (b)ananartista tope pereira negativity acne pin spilletta shop art

redbubble (b)ananartista tope pereira negativity acne framed art print stampa artistica con cornice shop



socotra : abstract art collage by (b)ananartista sbuff

Somali pirates have been using Yemen’s remote Horn of Africa island of Socotra as a refuelling hub enabling their attack craft to stay restocked for longer periods at sea and pose a greater hazard to shipping.
Somali gangs, who are making millions of dollars in ransoms, are becoming increasingly violent.
Pirates use the beaches on the mainland not too far from Mukalla to collect fuel, and presumably other equipment.

JULY 5, 2011 (

Kellogg’s eyes China with cereal

kellogg's eyes china with cereal - digital collage painting by (b)ananartista sbuff

The world’s biggest cereal maker Kellogg’s has big ambitions to target China, a potentially booming market.
People [in Asia] tend to reject hot cereals.
Subsequently the firm is considering the possibility of building a new plant.
It will tailor its products to local tastes.
Kellogg’s dominates South Korea, Japan, Thailand and India but Asia still represents a mere 2% of its total sales.